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Why Dine At Bombay Inn?

  • Served Generations of Customers that Enjoy our Authentic Indian Cuisine for over 30 years.
  • Non-vegetarian, Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan options available.
  • Specialties include Tandoori and other delicious, healthy meals.
  • Delivery service available for your convenience.
  • Up to 50% off on your next meal by Joining our VIP Club Only at Bombay Inn.
  • Bombay Inn Indian Restaurant Brussels is Popular among both local citizens and expats.
  • Wide variety of mouthwatering options available to suit different tastes and dietary restrictions.

Bombay Inn
is the Perfect place to enjoy a hearty and delicious meal with friends and family.

Up To 50% off on your next meal by Joining our VIP Club.
Only available at Bombay Inn, Indian Restaurant Brussels.

The Ultimate Dining Experience

Nata МNata М
14:25 25 Nov 22
I first visited this restaurant during my first visit to Brussels. I just got hungry and decided to stop by for a dinner. Everything was so delicious that when I returned to Brussels three years later, I remembered this restaurant and visited it again with pleasure. Highly recommend this place!
ludivine lechatludivine lechat
20:51 23 Nov 22
Cozy & hidden authentic Indian restaurant in the center of Brussels. Super tasty! Great tip: they also serve take out for a nice Indian evening at home.
Jiji RazzaqJiji Razzaq
19:09 15 Oct 22
My favourite Indian place in all of Brussels! The food is delicious and the owner is so so kind. You won't regret eating there. It's filling and tasty.
A place for date. It's a family restaurant with nice food and excellent touch and care. They made feel really comfortable (quite unique in Brussels).Perfect for a date, or to ask for forgiveness when a misunderstanding happened :-)Enjoy!
Natalia HNatalia H
19:18 28 Jun 21
The food is amazing and tastes very nice. We got an appetizer with some sauces and spices to try out, it was amazing. The food itself is delicious and there are non spicy dishes too for people who don't like very spicy food like myself. The restaurant has a nice and cozy atmosphere and the staff is so helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

At the Bombay Inn you will receive the formula of "Indian culinary wellness". We combine friendly personalised service, fine authentic Indian cuisine, a great choice of menu, served in a lovely atmosphere at a reasonable price, with the additional choice of being able to be served in French, English, Dutch, Hindi, Urdu or in the Bangla language! The Indian cuisines offers delicious meals for all kinds of people, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Spicy, medium and mild seasoning food lovers. Curry, Coconut, & Tandoori lovers. Bombay Inn has become unique for its wide choice of menu while assuring quality food, your free choice of seasoning for any dish, and for its the extraordinary atmosphere that
you will not find anywhere else in the cosmo-politan city Brussels.

Why Bombay Inn is
The Best Indian Restaurant In Brussels!

  • Our Chef is from Punjab, India. Not many Indian restaurant in Brussels have a chef from India.

Bombay Inn - Tikka Masala Dish

  • Foods come in a wide variety: Curries, Korma, and tandoori dishes like Tikka Masala are just a few examples of the dishes that feature the wide variety of flavors and ingredients that are characteristic of Indian cuisine at Bombay Inn Indian Restaurant in Brussels.
  • Options for vegetarians: Indian food is renowned for having a wide variety of vegetarian meals, making it a fantastic alternative for people who don't eat meat.

Bombay Inn - Vegetarian

More Reasons?
Here They Are!

  • Indian cuisine is known for strong, aromatic spices, but we also offer milder alternatives, making it ideal for any palate.
  • Bombay Inn is noted for being inexpensive, and the portion in our restaurants is substantial.
  • Our dishes are a terrific choice for eating out with friends or family because many of the dishes are Suitable for sharing and enjoyed by a large group.
  • Family-friendly, we welcome children and have a relaxed, informal ambiance.
  • We use of fresh herbs and spices, which are considered to have beneficial effects on health.
  • Variety of Gluten Free dishes for those who must avoid it.
  • We use genuine and traditional Indian ingredients.

Bombay Inn - Naan

  • Indian cuisine is renowned for its mouthwatering breads, including naan and roti.
  • There are many different curry options available in our Restaurant, ranging from mild to spicy and vegetarian to non-vegetarian.

Bombay Inn - Dish Varieties

More Reasons to Join our VIP Club!

  • We have a wide range of tandoori meals, which are prepared in a tandoor, a traditional clay oven that gives food a distinctive smokey flavor.
  • Indian cuisine is renowned for its use of flavor-enhancing aromatic spices including cumin, turmeric, and ginger.
  • We create attentive and courteous service 
  • We service big gatherings, Indian cuisine is ideal for events or celebrations.
  • We offer A variety of sweet and delectable sweets.
  • We create a distinctively cultural experience and a wonderful way to learn about the nation's extensive culinary history.
  • Experience a relaxed ambiance that is ideal for a casual evening.
  • Indian Cuisine is excellent for takeout.
  • For foodies wishing to branch out, Bombay Inn Indian Restaurant in Brussels offers a vast variety of unique flavors and cuisines.

Flavorful Memorable Experiences

At Bombay Inn You Will be,
Reconnecting with Friends, colleges and beloved ones. Creating memories of a lifetime.
Feeling relaxed after a stressful day at work.
Creating a romantic or memorable moments with your beloved one(s).
Celebrating special events while savoring Authentic Indian delicacies.
Feeling welcome and at home in Brussels over a delicious meal
even if you are from another part of the world.

Silena Hernandez Quintana
Silena Hernandez Quintana
De-li-cious!!!! Love this restaurant 😍
Kjell Devos
Kjell Devos
Ons vast adres om Indisch te gaan eten, fantastisch lekker en zeer prijselijk!
Kristof Noë
Kristof Noë
Quick lunch!
Tony Lyons
Tony Lyons
Great indian food, best in Brussels for me. They offer a nice phal off the menu.
Vivek Sharma
Vivek Sharma
Best food. Good quality Best service Friendly environment Highly recommended
Thinh Tam
Thinh Tam
Sint Victor
Sint Victor
Heel lekker, genoten van een diner met vriendinnen
Leen Struelens
Leen Struelens
Vriendelijke vlotte service - zeer lekker eten - een echte aanrader

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